Live Streaming

Broadcast on the web with live streaming

Contact makes it easy to deliver high-quality live broadcasts to any device or browser. Capture your audience with crystal-clear multi-bitrate streaming and take advantage of innovative features for live playback and advertising.

Multi-bitrate Live Streaming
Deliver high-quality, smooth live video with multi-bitrate streaming. Contact accepts multiple streams at different quality levels and delivers the rendition that best fits each viewer’s available bandwidth, processor utilization and player size.

Live DVR
Give your viewers the remote control. Live DVR features let your viewers pause, rewind, review and replay live streaming video throughout the event. “Jump to live” with a single click and resume seamlessly smooth live video.

Live workflow made simple
Streamline your content management workflow. Live video assets are managed exactly like your video on-demand content. Using the same intuitive Web-based tools, you can easily organize your live and on-demand assets into playlists and favorites. You can even mix and match live and on-demand content in the same playlists.

We’re here to make sure your event runs smoothly
Get instant access to a live streaming expert to ensure that your live event is flawlessly delivered.

Contact offers complete turnkey support options for your live event including video setup and real-time monitoring.

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